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Support Staff

Admin Staff


Mrs Beeson       Administrative Assistant

Mrs Carter

IT and Catering Administrator

Mrs Lord

Finance Assistant

Mrs Rowe

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Selwood

SEND Administrator and Administrative Assistant

Mrs Wareing

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Administrator




Mr Cripps                        Mr Wills



Mrs Clarke

Mrs Penney

Mrs Timmins

Miss Croft

Mrs Richardson


Mrs Monks

Miss Rooney


Mr Penney

Mrs Sulman



Mid Day Supervisor


Mrs Allen

Miss Croft

Mrs Ranson

Mrs Bowling

Mrs Filmer

Mrs Richardson

Mrs Burlinson

Mrs Murray

Mrs Timmins

Mrs Clarke

Mrs Penny

Mrs Wickendon


Catering Staff


Ms Frost

Miss Pierce

Mrs Whorlow

Mrs Knowles

Mrs Van Wyk

Mrs Wilson