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Educational Support Staff

Teaching Assistants / Higher Level Teaching Assistants


Mrs Allen O’Rourke

Mrs Dickers

Miss Potterton

Miss Anderson

Mrs Dowling

Mrs Prebble

Ms Baines

Miss Freeman

Mrs Pullen

Mrs Beer

Mrs Grant

Miss Roper

Miss Brace

Miss Harrington

Mrs Smith

Miss Brownbridge

Mrs Hodson

Miss Spong

Mrs Carter

Mrs Hartnett

Mrs Thorne

Mrs Champkin

Mrs Howlett

Mrs Tindell

Mrs Claughton

Mrs Jones

Mrs Town

Mrs Clayton

Miss MacAinsh

Miss Vanner

Mrs Clifton

Mr Noone

Mrs Walkinshaw

Mrs Croft

Mrs Organ

Miss Winch

Mrs Dexter

Mrs Piper

Mrs Wills

Mrs Dickenson





Wellbeing Lead [Senior Mental Health Lead]




Ms Hill

Ms Hill is available for parents throughout the week, running drop-in sessions and courses to support parents. She is here to help on any matter or worry you may have, however small.



Inclusion Lead



Mrs Deeks