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Science is integral to the teaching at Swalecliffe and it is our aim to stimulate the children’s curiosity as well as to create a sense of excitement.


Pupils of all ages are encouraged to ask scientific questions and develop their understanding of the world through investigations and observations.


Pupils are encouraged to explain their own understanding and build on their scientific knowledge through their own experimental work.  They are encouraged to demonstrate the depth of their understanding by applying their skills during problem solving activities.


As well as providing a stimulating scientific environment, we encourage pupils to practise their scientific skills through independent learning by being given time to plan, to make decisions on which equipment to use and to undertake and then to evaluate investigations.


Teaching across the Science curriculum builds both scientific knowledge and a solid base of scientific enquiry skills.  Children will be given the opportunity to: make observations over time; identify patterns; identify, classify and group; carry out comparative and fair tests; research using secondary sources; and collect, analyse and present data.


As part of our commitment to enrich our children’s learning, we encourage our teachers to use the outdoor environments as much as possible.  We have recently developed our Pond and Garden Area and also make use of the local beach for environmental studies.


Opportunities arise during the school year for children from various year groups to participate in Network Alliance Science events, Science clubs and Science workshops.