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The Role of the Governing Body

While the day-to-day management of the school is the responsibility of the Head Teacher and the Leadership team, the Governors work closely with them on a variety of strategic matters relating to policy, direction and performance.

Every school in the country has a Governing Body. This is a group of people representing the interests of parents, staff, the local authority and the wider community who volunteer their time to work with the school to:


  • provide strategic direction for the school

  • set policies and procedures

  • set the school budget

  • recruit and appoint senior staff

  • share ideas for development and evaluate the school’s work

  • set development targets and monitor progress

  • deal with serious complaints.


The Governing body’s role is to provide support and act as a ‘critical friend’ to the school and to the Headteacher in moving the school forward, ensuring its success. The Governing Body of a school is accountable for its performance, its finances and the safety and well-being of pupils and staff. All of this is done by governors on a voluntary basis, many of whom do not have a background in education. Governors bring a wide range of experience to the school, including business and finance, parenting experience, primary education and administrative expertise. 

2 Committees Model


Whilst the whole governing body as a whole remains responsible for the governance

function overall, in this model there are three distinct areas of work delegated by them

to a Strategy Group, Curriculum and Quality of Education (Curriculum and Children) Committee, and Resources (Personnel, Finance and Premises) Committee.

The Strategy Committee is a small group of governors including the Chair and Vice Chair

of the Full Governing Body, Chairs of the two committees and the Headteacher who

know the school well through school self-evaluation (SEF), and develop strategies and

plans for school improvement.


The Curriculum and Quality of Education and Resources Committees focus on the delivery of the annual School Development Plan in their respective areas, undertake monitoring and

evaluation activities against these priorities and report to the governing body as a

whole. These reports will in turn inform strategy.

The Full Governing Body meets 5 times each year considers reports and

recommendations, makes decisions and conducts routine business.


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