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Helping Your Child

At the moment, parents struggling with home learning may look at this section wanting to find a different kind of help than in normal circumstances.


To help with that we have added the SEN Resources section below. For our new Well-being Resources section please go back to parents and click on the well-being tab.


Also we hope the following helps with the frequently asked questions...


To find the weekly home learning grid for your child's year group and the associated guidance for parents, please go to the letters section and the last 14 days folder.


To find/access the VLE for your child press the VLE button in the top right hand corner, and then log in. For year R and year 1 children's parents, there is also a guide for how to do this in the letters section and the last 14 days folder.


Once your child has logged in, further guidance, the weekly home learning grid, the associated work, links to recommended sites, and support from their teachers is all available for them and you. Using the VLE will really help the children help themselves and the teachers to help them rather than just you as parents.


If you are unsure of your child/children’s logins or need further help logging into any of the following sites; the VLE, RMEasimaths, StudyZoneTV or Languagenut...

please email, Mrs Eason, our IT Technician at and she will get back to you asap, again within school hours only of course.