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As with all our teaching, we try to link History into our connected learning where it makes sense to do so and when it helps the children make links in their understanding of the world and its past.   When planning a Unit, the teachers aim to introduce historical learning in a way to bring the past to life; we want to arouse the children’s curiosity to want to find out more about Britain’s past as well as that of the wider world; part of that is for them to think about how they fit into that world.


In order to develop their independence, we encourage the children to think carefully about questions they pose when researching about the past; to think critically and not accept that there is only one viewpoint on events; to weigh up and evaluate evidence they find and develop their own perspective and judgement of events.  Through the historical study of Britain and aspects of history of the wider world, we aim to develop children’s understanding of concepts such as chronology; continuity and change; cause and consequence and similarity and contrast.  We aim to help the children progressively develop their understanding of historical enquiry, including the use of evidence to make historical claims and how and why interpretations of the past may differ.  


The children are encouraged to use technology to both research as well as present their learning in a variety of ways and we have even had a FaceTime link to an archaeological dig in the local area using class iPads!  As much as possible, we organise visits to sites to celebrate historical events, people and places.  Wherever relevant, we think about British Values and how these impact on events from the past.