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As with all other subjects taught at Swalecliffe, Geography is linked into our connected learning.  When planning, the teachers present Geography in a variety of ways so as to fire up the children’s curiosity and fascination about the world, the diversity of people who live within it as well as the natural and human environments.  Throughout the curriculum, the children will be given opportunities to learn skills which will enable them to understand and explain the diversity of human and physical environments both within and beyond the U.K.  Using field work, maps, GIS (Geographical Information Systems), diagrams and photos, children will learn how to interpret, analyse and compare information and geographical processes to deepen their awareness and understanding of the world they live in. 


Wherever possible, we plan fieldwork both within and beyond the school site.  We are lucky to live in an area where we can visit woodland, farmland, beach and urban areas so we are in a good position to make comparisons and understand geographical similarities and differences with the human and physical geography of our location.  We also encourage all year groups to make links with schools outside of the UK.  This enables children to discuss and compare their lives and interests with other children of their own age through video calls and e-mail.


Finally, we are fortunate to have a variety of resources, including IT, within school to be able to effectively teach geographical skills.