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The teaching of Science at Swalecliffe Community Primary school aims to provide a rich understanding and appreciation of the scientific world for all pupils.

Science Intent

  • To deliver a meaningful and purposeful science curriculum which stimulates curiosity, excitement and introduces all pupils to a diverse range of scientists and their work (Science Capital).
  • To inspire pupils to understand and question the world they live in now and that of their future (Reflection).
  • To foster a love of Science through practical exploration, problem-solving and experimental work (Independence and Collaboration).
  • To develop a set of transferable enquiry skills which will provide strong foundations for a lifetime of learning (Resilience).

As part of our commitment to enrich our children’s learning, we encourage our teachers to use the outdoor environments as much as possible.  We have recently developed our Pond and Garden Area and also make use of the local beach for environmental studies.

Opportunities arise during the school year for children from across the school to participate in CACoT Alliance science events, science clubs and science workshops.