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ADHD & ASC Referrals

Parents should always discuss concerns with a medical professional.

GPs/health professionals can make referrals – although they frequently report that they cannot and refer back to schools.  Many schools will not make initial referrals for ADHD or ASC as these are neurodevelopmental/health-related issues.

Schools can make an initial referral but will only have information from an educational viewpoint to complete the initial referral.  Depending on the age of the child and the concerns, referrals are made either to paediatrics (under 8 ASC) or NELFT (8 and over ASC and ADHD).

Once the referral is sent, the school has no input into the triage process.

The referral is then triaged by health professionals at NELFT or community paediatrics.  If it is agreed that the referral should be progressed, then the school and home will receive some screening forms to complete. Class teaching staff usually complete these.  Due to the sheer volume of forms that staff are asked to complete, a reasonable time frame should be given.

Screening forms are returned to NELFT/Community Paediatrics.

The school has not been informed of anything past this point.  All communication should be between home and NELFT/Community Paediatrics.  If you would like the school to be aware of any appointments or outcomes, please share these with us.

The school cannot chase referrals, and unfortunately, we have no input into a child’s position on any waiting list.

Speak to your GP/surgery regarding the Right to Choose, which can support young people by agreeing to access services in a shorter way outside your local area.