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Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship

PSHE Intent

This aspect of the curriculum addresses equality, inclusion and tolerance.  We have a progressive curriculum which is divided into six main themes.  These are: Feelings and Relationships, Medicines and Drugs, Healthy Lifestyles, Making Positive Contributions, Keeping Safe, and Growing and Changing. It helps children to understand how to interact, respond to and work with others, and prepares them to be a good citizen.  We hope to equip pupils with a sound understanding of risk and with the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions.

At Swalecliffe, we promote good behaviour and citizenship through use of a ‘Good To Be Me’ display board in each class which highlights our learning policy.  These boards are used to showcase pupils who have demonstrated these behaviours.

Citizenship cards are also used throughout the school.  Our citizenship goals are broken down into year group aims and a badge is awarded once these have been achieved.