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Our Vision

  • To help children develop a love and appreciation for their current world.
  • To enable them to have a positive impact on their environment on a local, national and global scale.
  • To provide them with the skills and knowledge to navigate their future world.

Geography Intent

As with all other subjects taught at Swalecliffe, Geography is an aspect of our connected learning. Consistent and enthusiastic teachers present Geography in a variety of ways so as to fire up children’s curiosity and fascination about the world, the diversity of people who live within it as well as the natural and human environments. Throughout the curriculum, pupils at Swalecliffe will be encouraged to gain skills which will enable them to explore the diversity of human and physical environments both within and beyond the UK. This includes the use of fieldwork, maps, diagrams and photos to bring Geography to life in an exciting and relevant way.

We are incredibly lucky to live in a diverse geographical area which includes woodland, farmland, coastal and urban areas and we strive to provide all children with the opportunities to explore these in depth during our fieldwork units. This, combined with their geographical knowledge, supports the children in making comparisons between different locations deepening their awareness and understanding of the world they live in.

In addition to the curriculum coverage, we aim to broaden children’s understanding and interest into current geographical and ecological issues through our various life skills challenges, Geography focus days and pupil-led environmental challenges.