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Roles of the Governing Body Committees

The Strategy Committee is expected to work within the following terms of reference:

  • Regularly review the vision and values of the school and ensure that these are shared with all stakeholders

  • To review annually how the school is regarded by pupils, parents and staff

  • To review and update the SEF and SDP

  • To ensure that the governing body complies with all legal requirements placed upon them, including the required details on the school website

  • To ensure that the school provides teaching of religious education for all pupils in accordance with the agreed syllabus or has informed parents of their right to withdraw their child

  • To ensure the school provides an appropriate daily act of worship

  • To adopt and review the home school agreement

  • To approve the School Prospectus

The Quality of Education & Curriculum Committee is expected to work within the following terms of reference with a focus on monitoring the School Development Plan:

  • To monitor the Curriculum policies

  • To monitor progress against the targets of the School Development Plan

  • To understand the performance data for the school, including those children in receipt of Pupil Premium funding

  • To meet with the lead professionals within the school to gain an understanding of the scope of the curriculum targets and the activities the school is conducting to achieve success

  • To evaluate the work of the SLT in monitoring the quality of teaching and learning

  • To evaluate the extent of success at the end of the set timescale

  • To monitor pupil achievement against targets.

The Resources Committee is expected to work within the following terms of reference, with a focus on monitoring:

  • To determine the staff complement in consultation with the Headteacher and recommend to the full governing body

  • To maintain an up-to-date ‘balanced’ three-year budget plan

  • To evaluate and recommend the annual budget

  • To report monitoring and rollover to the full governing body, highlighting any significant


  • To evaluate any virement recommendations and report to the governing body

  • Analyse and report on Tenders for Contract Services

  • To be actively engaged in LM Scheme consultations

  • To benchmark school financial performance against similar schools and report to the

    governing body

  • To analyse and recommend the annual Statement of Internal Control and present to the full governing body

  • To evaluate proposed expenditure following recommendations from the Headteacher and present to the governing body

  • To ensure that the school has, or is working towards achievement of the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS)

  • To ensure that all spending provides ‘Value for money’ in terms of raising standards in education and to sign the annual Best Value Statement

  • To monitor and evaluate the management of the Voluntary Fund and to receive the audited accounts

  • To engage in strategic planning

  • To annually review and approve the Charging and Remissions policy

  • To make decisions in respect of service agreements and insurance

  • To advise the full governing body of any consultations to change the LA Finance Scheme

    Premises and Insurance

  • To seek advice from the LA where appropriate to ensure adequate levels of buildings

    insurance and personal liability

  • To procure and maintain buildings, including monitoring a properly funded maintenance

    plan and school buildings strategy

  • To develop and monitor the implementation of a school buildings strategy and contribute to LA Asset Management Planning Arrangements Health & Safety

  • To ensure that Health & Safety regulations are followed and prioritised appropriately

  • To monitor the Health & Safety Policy including 3 termly visits

The Full Governing Body is expected to work within the following terms of reference, with a focus on monitoring:

  • To draw up Instrument of Government and any amendments thereafter

  • To appoint (or remove) the Chair and Vice Chair

  • To appoint (or dismiss) the Clerk to the governing body

  • To appoint and remove community, sponsor governors and any associate members

  • To recruit new governors as vacancies arise

  • To set up a register of Governors’ Business Interests

  • To decide which functions of the Governing Body will be delegated to a Committee, or an individual

  • To regulate the Governing Body procedures where not set out in law, and to record these as Standing Orders

  • To suspend a governor

  • To receive reports from any Committee, or individual to whom delegation has been made and to consider whether any further action by the Governing Body is necessary

  • To delegate to the Headteacher the functions as described in the Delegation of Functions to Headteacher Standing Order

  • To review the delegation arrangements annually

  • To arrange a suitable induction process and mentoring for newly appointed or elected


  • To ensure that the Headteacher provides such reports as requested by the governing body to undertake its role

  • To receive annual reports on racial incidents

  • To approve all school trips involving an overnight stay away from home

  • To approve the first formal budget plan each year.

  • To annually review and approve the Finance Policy and recommend levels of delegation

  • To make Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher appointments

  • To establish a governor panel to hear staff appeals against dismissal and redundancy /

    Performance Management

  • To determine the timing of the performance management review cycle of the Headteacher and appoint two of three governors to act as reviewers.

  • To monitor pupil numbers and report to the Strategy Committee